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Embedded and IoT Engineer

I am a passionate Embedded and IoT engineer with 6 years of experience, specializing in developing embedded applications using C and Python on various microcontrollers and ARM processors. I also design PCBs and create cloud applications for IoT devices using AWS Serverless. I have a strong understanding of FreeRTOS and Linux. I Continuously keep myself updated with new technologies and engage in diverse projects, I document my work on various blog sites, sharing my knowledge and passion for embedded systems and IoT.

Embedded System and IoT

RTOS and Linux

C/C++ and Python

AWS Serverless

PCB and hardware design

Problem solving and Leadership

Career Highlight

  • DCube Technologies / ncd.io: Started my career as an IoT engineer and technical writer, creating sample projects for various wireless sensors, writing blogs, and assisting developers and engineers.
  • Agnext Technologies: Developed multiple Linux-based IoT applications over three years, focusing on agritech projects such as wireless sensor networks for cold storage units, grain moisture meters, and DAQ systems.
  • Grand Dairy Tech: Worked as a consultant designing end-to-end IoT architecture for cattle health monitoring using OpenThread and AWS serverless technologies.
  • Bytebeam: I used to document my personal projects on GitHub and various blog sites, which helped me take up a Developer Advocate role at Bytebeam.
  • ThingHz: Currently leading ThingHz, a company specializing in real-time monitoring and automation solutions for indoor agriculture.


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My Projects

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ThingHz-IoTfying indoor farms

Thinghz is a project that ptovides real time monitoring and automation solution for indoor farm. This project consists of firmware for thinghz products, android application and AWS serverless backend

AWS Serverless architecture for IoT application

Created an AWS Serverless application using Node.js to serve as the backend for ThingHz – an IoT Wireless Sensor Network designed for indoor farming. Leveraged various AWS microservices including AWS IoT, Cognito, DynamoDB, SES, API Gateway, S3, CodeBuild, and CodeCommit. Additionally, hosted a WordPress website on AWS Lightsail to complement the sensor network.

Smart Culture Rack

This is Thinghz smart culture rack. It is used in Plant tissue culture. This rack helps the reasearcher withreal time monitoring and automation capability.

Open Thread implementation for industry 4.0

Openthread implementation for Industry 4.0. It is a solution for predective maintanace of motors. It uses vibrations sensor across inductry to check faults and wear and tear of motors

PCB Designs

PCB designs for solar Lipo and Lion charging module, farmsense PCB

Completed my BTech and internship
  • I Completed my BTech in Electronics and Communication engineering. 
  • During my engineering I learnt embedded system and telecommunication concepts. Got handon experience in 8085 and PIC uControllers
  • During this time along with ebedded I also learnt mobile application development in android.
  • I also did an internship as technical sales engineer at surya telecome. Where i was involved in technical discussions with clients on DMR radio and wireless transreceivers. 
2016 - 2018
Completed my Masters in Technology from SRM
  • Completed My postgraduation in Embedded System technology. 
  • Here i learnt concepts of Embedded systems, Real Time OS and Machine learning.
  • I used engage myself in different projects  using embedded and android applciation
  • I got introduced to machine learning during this duration. I got hands on experience on tensorflow and python during this time.
  • I published my research paper on convolution neural network nueral network. Where I compared different filter sizes and compare there performances and loses.
  • In my final project I made an android application that steer irrigation system and in the same application i used google cloud vision to predict disease in paddy. I named this application as "Plantis"
Begining of Professional Career
  • Started my professional career in agritech sector. Explored this vertical to depth.
  • Got introduced to IoT and cloud application for IoT.
  • Developed efficient solutions leveraging technologies like IoT, cloud and AI.
  • Got experience in writing embedded application using c/c++ and python. Got good understanding of RTOS and Linux. 
  • Got a chance to meet agri-researchers, farmers and industry experts.
  • Engage myself in learning hardware and PCB designing.
  • Made different applications using AWS serverless specificaly for IoT. worked on LoRa project, WSN network project. 
  • Worked on different projects leveraging IoT, AI, opencv and Linux. 
  • Worked new age IoT protocols like openthread and matter.
  • Always document my work on blog sites and github. This helped me to persue my career further as a developer advocate.
Conceptulizing ThingHz
  • ThingHz started as my side project with an idea to create real time monitoring and automation solution for indoor agriculture.
  • Started working on various product ideas and concepts. Interacted with industry leaders, various agriculture researchers, plant biotechnologists and farmers to understand problem statement. 
  • During the covid time i started by making a PCB for a simple wireless sensor node with ESP32, breakout for different I2C sensors and RFM 95 SX1276 lora nodes. Then gradually i satarted working on PCB design for gateway using ESP32 and SImCOM NBIoT. I made firmware for nodes and gateways and tested it on my mushroom farm. 
  • Then I went one step ahead by making IOT backend for these sesnsors. 
  • I also made android application for to visualize WSN data. 
ThingHz Launch

We found our niche in Plant tissue culture lab. Finally ThingHz became reality. Incorporated it as Private Limited company. We introduced our noval invention "Smart tissue culture rack"  

2024 - still hustling
Reaching out to clients

Our noval invention "Smart culture rack" became a hit among agriculture researchers and plant biotechnologists. Covered 3 states of north India. Got orders from SKUAST Jammu, CSKHPKV Palampur and CSIR IHBT Palampur.

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