ThingHz Range of Wireless Sensors

Presenting ThingHz IoT long range iot sensors solution. ThingHz provides real time monitoring and analysis solution . The range of wireless sensors developed by us facilitates 24/7 remote supervision using interactive dashboard and mobile application. The long range, nominal price, high accuracy and battery life of wireless sensor make it a right choice for industrial and consumer application.ThingHz provides real-time monitoring and analysis solution using its wide range of wireless sensor solutions. These wireless sensor facilitates 24/7 remote sensing solution and can cater a variety of industrial applications like:
* Manufacturing
* Health Care
* Power and Energy
* Agriculture
* Oil and Gas


ThingHz provides you highly scalable and customizable wireless sensor solution. Up to over 256 sensors can be connected to a single node without any need for a new one. ThingHz helps you design your industrial wireless sensor architecture to cater for your industrial sensing. So for you remote supervision we are here at anytime from anywhere


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ThingHz Temperature and Humidity Sensor:

Maintaining the optimal temperature range in hospitals and healthcare facilities is very important. Airborne disease and bacteria flourish in environments that aren’t cooled properly, or that may not have proper ventilation systems. ThingHz presents temperature and humidity sensors which can help in monitoring temperature and humidity at any time and from anywhere. These sensors not only provide accurate temperature and humidity data samples but also notifies in case of any escalation. These sensors can be very helpful in the healthcare industry in the following circumstances.
1. monitoring and analysis of optimal temperature range at clinics, wards, ICUs
2. Storage of vaccines and medical supplies in the optimum temperature range
3. monitoring and analyses of humidity and many more

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ThingHz Door Open and Close Sensor:

Commercial and industrial refrigeration needs constant temperature monitoring as to whether your inventory is being kept at a safe temperature or not. Improper handling of refrigerator doors majorly contributes to cooling loss. This not only hampers the optimum temperature range but also degrades the refrigerator over its course of life.

ThingHz Door Open and Close Sensor can help in monitoring the status of your cooler and freezers at any time and from anywhere. These sensors notify you about refrigerator handling and also in case of any temperature escalation.

ThingHz Door Open and Close Sensor can also be used with ThingHz Temperature and Humidity Sensor in daisy chain configuration to cater to whole commercial refrigeration application. These sensors can be very helpful in the following refrigeration industries.
1. Commercial chillers and freezers
2. Cold stores
3. Retail
4. Restaurants & Bars

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