Enhance efficiency by 70% and reduce iterations by 50%

The Smart Tissue Culture Rack by ThingHz revolutionizes plant tissue culture with advanced IoT technologies. It offers real-time monitoring and automation of critical environmental parameters, reducing iterations and contamination, and optimizing protocols for superior research outcomes.

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  • Equipped with different sensors such as Light Intensity, Temperature and Humidity, CO2
  • Provides Real time monitoring from ThingHz mobile application and Web dashboard


  • Automation of photoperiod
  • Scheduling of photoperiod according to day period using Thinghz mobile application


  • Access real-time data and  historical data using interactive visualization using line charts.
  • One-click report generation in different formats.


  • Get alerts and notifications on your phone and by email at the time of escalation.
  • Set threshold for different parameters.

Record and calibrate

  • Keep record of your experiments and bjectives on your mobile application
  • On-premises calibration of sensors.


  • Plant tissue culture
  • Mushroom culture
  • Algaculture

What our clients say?

The Smart Tissue Culture Rack has streamlined our lab's operations. Now we can automate and schedule photoperiod from our phone. We can download report from mobile app which helps immensely in our research.
Moni Gupta
Professor Micro biology
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