Thinghz Farmsense

Reduce contamination and minimise wastage 

FarmSense revolutionizes indoor farming with our cutting-edge monitoring and automation solution. Our high-end wireless sensor ecosystem, powered by IoT and AI, provides real-time data on environmental conditions. With FarmSense, users enjoy full control of their indoor farms from anywhere, ensuring optimal growth conditions and efficient resource management. Experience the future of farming with precision and convenience, all at your fingertips.

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  • Equipped with different sensors such as Light Intensity, Temperature and Humidity, CO2
  • Provides Real time monitoring from ThingHz mobile application and Web dashboard


  • Automation of different components such as lights, air flow, irrigation and humidity
  • Provides Real time control from ThingHz mobile application and web dashboard


  • Access real-time data and  historical data using interactive visualization using line charts.
  • One-click report generation in different formats.


  • Get alerts and notifications on your phone and by email at the time of escalation.
  • Set threshold for different parameters.

Record and calibrate

  • Keep record of your experiments and bjectives on your mobile application
  • On-premises calibration of sensors.


  • Green house & Vertical farms
  • Hydroponics & Aeroponics Farms
  • Tissue Culture Labs
  • Mushroom farms

What our clients say?

We have installed ThingHz remote supervision device for over 6 months now. This has not only given us ease in work but has also improved the quality of cultivation product. We can check Lux intensity, temperature, humidity in our phone at any time of day.
Pavleen Kaur
Phd, Scholar
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