About Me

AWS DevOps Engineer​

I am a passionate AWS DevOps Engineer with extensive experience in building cloud agnostic and cloud-native applications. Started my professional journey with creating End to End IoT infrastructure acquiring various skills from IoT hardware to IoT Backend services. My expertise lies in architecting and deploying robust solutions utilizing AWS microservices, serverless architecture, AWS CDK, AWS SAM, as well as managing Docker containers and orchestrating them with Kubernetes. My proficiency in both Node.js and Python enables me to develop versatile serverless applications tailored to specific project requirements.


Project 1

Wireless Sensor Network: ThingHz

Created an AWS Serverless application using Node.js to serve as the backend for ThingHz – an IoT Wireless Sensor Network designed for indoor farming. Leveraged various AWS microservices including AWS IoT, Cognito, DynamoDB, SES, API Gateway, S3, CodeBuild, and CodeCommit. Additionally, hosted a WordPress website on AWS Lightsail to complement the sensor network.

Project 2

Cattle Health Monitoring System

Developed an AWS Serverless application using Node.js and Python to power a Cattle Health Monitoring System. Utilized a range of AWS microservices such as AWS IoT, Timestream, Cognito, S3, Grafana, SES, API Gateway, AWS Greengrass, CodeBuild, and CodeCommit. Implemented a static captive portal hosted on S3 to provide seamless access for users and administrators.

Project 3

Cattle Health Monitoring System

Deployed Django Python application using Docker to AWS Bean stack. Used Cognito for user authentication and authentication. Made CI CD pipeline using AWS Code Pipeline.


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