End-to-End IoT Solution

ThingHz offers custom IoT services to help tailor your product to your exact needs. We offer you end to end iot solution. From iot device to interactive IoT Graphical interface. From customized firmware to printed enclosures. The package includes:

custom iot solution
Embedded Firmware design

Embedded Firmware design

we expertise in providing embedded solution services ranging from Wireless sensor network, home automation devices.LP-WAN gateways connected devices, IIoT and many more. We have worked with all leading Microcontroller sensors, Linux systems and interfacings provide you with innovative solutions in software development.

  • We expertise in embedded and IOT solution
  • We have hands on experience in various wireless topologies like WiFi, BLE, LoRa-WAN, ZigBee, Sub 1 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 Open Thread and other wireless topologies
  • We have worked multiple microcontrollers family like AVR,ARM,PIC and multiple microcontrollers vendors like Espressif,Nordic,Texas Instruments,STM,Silicon labs,Microchip and many more

Web Dashboard and Mobile Application

ThingHz offers you IoT cloud services on AWS cloud platform. A serverless cloud architecture with advanced security, Time series databases and easily scalable infrastructure, We have hands on experience in designing web application and SaaS platform for IOT. We can design cross platform android and ios application for you.

web dashboard and mobile app
PCB and Hardware

PCB design and Hardware design

We can design a schematic and Board layouts for your embedded device. ThingHz offers you high quality single sided and double sided PCB designs. We take extreme care in designing power efficient, precise signaling, suitable form factor, industry standard and easily procurable PCB layout design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While we’re happy to collaborate with you to create an exceptional prototype, unfortunately, we can’t provide free samples of custom parts simply because of the engineering time and cost of materials involved (see Prototyping process below). We do, however, offer no-cost samples of our standard products (provided that you cover shipping costs).

We encourage using our custom Online Quote Form to help you identify and communicate your requirements quickly and precisely. Depending on your needs, we’ll respond with either a Ballpark estimate (a day or two) or a Firm Quotation (typically within a week)

A qualified Ballpark estimate (often requested for bid purposes) is based on a similar design from our vast database of custom products. We can usually turn pricing around within a day, although this generally does not include lead-time for delivery or any “minimum-buys” for the material.

For a Firm Quote, one of our engineers must perform calculations (often including multiple iterations) to satisfy your physical and electrical requirements. Following this, the designer will draft a physical layout, detailed assembly & labor instructions, and a Bill of Material (including drawings for custom materials) for costing purposes.
After the hardware requirements are validated. We will estimate the cost of software service. This will include the platform, hosting and maintenance cost.

 Once these steps are completed, our sales representative will issue a formal quotation including part pricing, NRE fees & tooling or other charges (as applicable) and lead-time to the best of their knowledge.

We strive to meet your targeted request date for samples, and most times, samples are available from our inventories of sample stock. Turnaround time is measured in days for products that may not be in our sample stock program. In some isolated instances typically relevant to custom products designed for our customer’s applications, special raw materials may need to be brought in for samples.

Our highly trained quality control staff will inspect and test all parts at various stages throughout and following production. Prototypes are subjected to additional scrutiny by the designer and a professional quality assurance specialist against your specifications. Once the prototype meets your requirements and our stringent internal standards are satisfied, we’ll ship the part according to your specified methods. No prototype or custom part leaves our facility without a detailed Certificate of Compliance.

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